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Polaris, the Made in Italy SCF platform

Polaris is a digital platform designed to dynamically and centrally manage Supply Chain Finance’s programs.

An innovative solution & made in Italy, born from the experience of TXT Working Capital Solutions, part of TXT group.

An instrument perfectly integrated with SAP systems that encourages the collaboration between Buyer, suppliers and financial partners to put the strengths as a common factor and minimize the risk for the entire supply chain.


An innovative solution for the management of Supply Chain Finance’s programs

Polaris changes the paradigm of the relationship between Buyer, suppliers and financial partners to give rise to a community that interacts in a collaborative manner.

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The Buyer has the possibility to prolong the average lifespan of trade payables, extending the due date, eventually against payment;

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The Suppliers can negotiate the receivables, transferring the latter to a financial partner interested in acquiring them;

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The financial partners can agilely and securely intervene in support of the supply chain, addressing to a wide range of suppliers, selected in accordance to the real necessities.


Our Values

The historical period we are experiencing is characterized by a great financial vulnerability for the companies.

In this scenario, to safeguard its business, to guarantee appropriate logistic and prices it becomes essential to create conditions of sustainability and financial stability for the entire supply chain.

For this we have designed Polaris, the platform created for the cooperative management of financial aspects in the supply relationship in order to protect all involved players.