The platform for buyers, suppliers and financial partners


An innovative solution, made in Italy, designed for the most demanding Buyers, for large companies and multinationals that manages diversified supplies and articulated supply chains.

With Polaris the Buyer can:

  • Prolong the average lifespan of trade payables, avoiding its transformation in financial debt;
  • Support the supply chain, ensuring liquidity for its suppliers at the best market conditions, through a strategic use of its own creditworthiness;
  • Maintain full control over the use of its own creditworthiness to support suppliers;
  • Avoid depending on the technological solutions of individual financial partners.

For Polaris, all suppliers are important and for that reason everyone can potentially operate on the platform but the dimensional size of the supply can render the solution more or less functional. In case your supply ratio exceeds 50K € / year in sales volume, Polaris is the right solution for you.

With Polaris the supplier can:

  • Finance its own trade credits in a simple and safe way, without “consuming” its creditworthiness;
  • Upon request, dispose of a liquidity channel to deal with contingent problems or to solve structural problems in the management of the supply relationship;
  • Avoid solutions that bind the company to assign its credits to a specific bank;
  • Use the services in total freedom.

Polaris meets the needs of different types of traditional and non-traditional lenders, such as banks specialised in trade finance and Factors but not only. Thanks to the platform, even banks without a specialized structure, investment funds, family offices can avail themselves of the advantages derived from a centralized and digital management of the onboarding process.

With Polaris financial partners can:

  • invest in short-term commercial assets, with no risk other than Buyer’s insolvency;
  • Operate on trade finance market without having the specific skills and products;
  • Operate on groups of customers that are difficult or impossible to reach independently;
  • Take advantage of a market space in which it is possible to exchange without problems trade receivables purchased from participating Buyers;
  • Investment funds can intervene directly or only on the secondary market, with very little or no operational impact.

Supply Chain Finance management platform

Polaris is the Supply Chain Finance management platform designed to respond in a flexible and integrated manner to the needs of Buyers, suppliers and Financial Partners.

The ideal instrument for large companies and multinationals that manage large and diversified supplies, but not only.

Polaris gives to financial partners, banks specialized in trade finance and Factors, investment funds, family offices the opportunity to expand their reference market with a centralized management of onboarding and contractual formalization processes.