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Press Release - Supply Chain Conference today: sustainability risks, transformation

December 5, 2022
  • We live in complicated times in which the structure of the supply chain and the dynamics of the relations to their inside are rich areas of risks and opportunities. On the one hand, the geopolitical context, on the other, the growing need to accelerate the transformation of economic activities towards greater sustainability converge in determining new conditions for the evolution of the supply chains
  • We deepen these issues with the help of a panel of highly qualified speakers: Alda Paola Baldi (Head of Procurement of Enel Italia), Alberto Pelizza (Group Finance Vice President of the Maire Tecnimont Group), Carmen Carulli (Head of Procurement of L'Oréal Italia), Bastiaan Van Elst (Head of Finance, Engie Italia), Ada Rosa Balzan (Founder and CEO of ARB SBpA), Alessio Ronchini (PM Osservatorio Supply Chain Finance, Politecnico di Milano) and Francesco Sacchi (CEO and Founder of TXT Working Capital Solutions). The meeting is coordinated by Fabrizio Zucca (Coordinator of the Eurispes sustainability laboratory)
  • The event is promoted and organized by the TXT Group with the Polaris team, the collaboration of Eurispes and the patronage of ANDAF Lombardia.

Milan, 5 December 2022 - On the afternoon of Thursday 24 November, at the Hotel Enterprise in Milan, the conference "Supply Chain today: risks, sustainability and transformation" took place. The event was organized by TXT Working Capital Solutions, Fintech operator active in the specific segment of Supply Chain Finance, in collaboration with TXT GROUP and with the patronage of ANDAF.

The discussion was introduced by a member of the Technical Committee - Planning and Control of ANDAF Lombardy, for which the topics dealt with have aroused scientific interest, and was then articulated through a series of interventions that have ensured a deepening of the issue from different points of view, such as the responsibility of the large companies in supporting the sustainable evolution of its suppliers, the prevention and the management of the supply risk, the financial instruments in order to support the supply chain and their evolution, the centrality of the data in order to measure the sustainability of the enterprises.

The participation of Alessio Ronchini has allowed to circumstantiate the factors of context that are characterizing the world and Italian panorama of the supply chain. Alda Paola Baldi and Alberto Pelizza have testified the essential function that the respective companies perform to promote the sustainable evolution of their supply chains and the actions carried out to encourage them. Carmen Carulli has told the evolution of the function of Procurement in order to prevent and to manage a wide range of risks more and more tied to the operation of the supply chain and decisive in order to guarantee the continuity of the business. Bastiaan Van Elst spoke about Engie Italia’s experience in financing its own supply chain, while Francesco Sacchi traced the evolution of traditional supply chain financing instruments (bank demobilisation, factoring, reverse factoring) towards solutions based on more and more customer involvement and extensive use of technology, up to highly inclusive marketplace solutions, such as the one proposed by the TXT Group with Polaris. Ada Rosa Balzan, finally, dealt with sustainability as a cross-cutting concept to the individual dimensions that make it up and the need to pursue sustainability objectives through a structured, measurable and communicable approach, emphasizing the essential function of the supply chain like driver of extension of the sustainability of the single enterprise.

Francesco Sacchi, CEO of TXT Working Capital Solutions and creator of Polaris, commented: "We are pleased to have contributed to the debate on the sustainability of the supply chain which is one of the most sensitive issues in the current economic context. It emerged that acting sustainably also means being able to predict and measure different types of risk to which the actors in the supply chain are exposed: financial, environmental, social and governance risks. With the Polaris platform we have wanted to give life to an instrument in a position to managing the financial dimension of the supply relationships and to return more solid and resilient the supply chain through the sharing of the credit merit of the stronger members with the weakest ones. In the current context and in light of the evolution of the rules on non-financial reporting, this conference has helped us and our guests to have an even clearer vision of the needs of today’s businesses. This has been possible by combining the expertise of TXT Working Capital Solutions on Supply Chain Finance and financial regulation, that of TXT Group in the digitalization of processes and the support of the ANDAF community and the SCF Observatory of Politecnico di Milano".


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