Liquidity Investment 

A tool for your treasury 



Liquidity Investment is a free-risk investment solution for short-term liquidity, with the purpose of advancing payment to suppliers in exchange for a financial discount, calculated at a rate normally higher than that paid on the company's debt. It is one more tool at the treasurer's disposal to optimise corporate cash management. 

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Objective Buyer

Optimise short-term cash management, with the objective to support suppliers, without any risk for yout company.   

A high-yield and risk-free investment 

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Solution Plus 

Polaris manages supplier onboarding and automates the processes of requesting advance payment, accepting the proposed discount and recording the transaction. 


  • Elimina gli acconti ai fornitori

  • Coinvolge i Partners Finanziari nel supporto ai fornitori

  • Riduce i rischi 

  • Sostituisce l’acconto con una garanzia parziale a favore del Partner Finanziario