Open Liquidity Sourcing

Revolutionise your SCF solutions


A tool designed to facilitate the negotiability of supplier credit within a contractual and operational framework, granting the Buyer full control over its debt independently of any specific bilateral agreements with individual financial partners participating in the platform.

Objective Buyer

Supporting suppliers, enabling them to make their credit liquid, outside reverse factoring and without:
  • Having to engage in financial transactions with banks and financial intermediaries.
  • Risking the reclassification of one's debt.         
  • Being subject to disclosure obligations of financial statements.    

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Solution Plus 

The assignments of receivables made on Polaris do not generate financial debt for either the Buyer or the Supplier. The membership of Suppliers in Polaris is free of charge and the use of the service is pay-per-use. 


  • Elimina gli acconti ai fornitori

  • Coinvolge i Partners Finanziari nel supporto ai fornitori

  • Riduce i rischi 

  • Sostituisce l’acconto con una garanzia parziale a favore del Partner Finanziario