The Supply Chain Finance management platform 

An innovative solution, Made In Italy, designed for the most demanding Buyers, for large companies and multinationals managing diversified supplies and articulated supply chains. 

A unique solution for the active management of the Buyer's commercial debt. 




With Polaris the buyer can: 

  • Manage the lifecycle of its trade debt, without risking turning it into financial debt and without being subject to accounting disclosure requirements. 
  • Support the supply chain, ensuring liquidity for its suppliers, at best market conditions, through a strategic use of its credit capacity. 
  • Maintain full control over the use of its credit capacity to support suppliers. 


centralised solution 

Thanks to the direct participation of all actors involved in supply chain financial management within a single open contractual scheme, Polaris allows the needs of different partners to be coordinated in a simple and effective way. The Supply Chain Finance programmes managed on Polaris are easily scalable, do not depend on a single financial partner and are therefore easily portable from one partner to another, without the need for redeployment. 


A solution not based on direct agreement with individual financial partners and, therefore, not subject to accounting disclosure 

By joining Polaris, the Buyer puts itself in a position to make its trade debt negotiable, once its collectability has been verified, without entering into any direct agreement with the financial partner and retaining total control over the events of the commercial relationship with suppliers.