Purchase Order Finance

Easy pre-financing and self-liquidating


Financial partners assess and provide credit lines for advances on contracts confirmed by the Buyer in support of Polaris' member suppliers. The financing is repaid through the sale of accumulated receivables to the customer.

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Objective Buyer

Reduce the risk towards the supplier by avoiding large down payments. 

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Objective Supplier

Secure the financial leverage needed to execute the contract, without having to ask for additional credit lines from their bank. 

Buyer Advantages 

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Eliminating the risk arising from the down payment to the supplier. 

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Involving Financial Partners in supporting the supply chain. 

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Reducing risks.

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Replacing the down payment with a risk participation for the benefit of the Financial Partner. 

 Supplier Advantages


Obtaining additional credit, based on the relationship with the customer. 


Reducing the risk associated with contractual performance.  


  • Elimina gli acconti ai fornitori

  • Coinvolge i Partners Finanziari nel supporto ai fornitori

  • Riduce i rischi 

  • Sostituisce l’acconto con una garanzia parziale a favore del Partner Finanziario