Polaris: In addition to the platform, a team of professionals to support the Supply Chain Finance of the future

Business Management

Francesco Sacchi 

Founder & CEO


"Making things simple means solving complex problems. This is the challenge of Polaris."

David Abreu

Operations Manager


"With Polaris I have seen the 'old' world of working capital finance in the version of the future; to be able to participate in this revolution by trying to find innovative solutions is exciting."

Operational Management

Paolo Di Pietro

Developer Back-End


"Working with Polaris has given me the opportunity to significantly increase my expertise in innovative technologies."

Alessandro Terracciano

Software Analytics


"My experience with Polaris has given me a high level of expertise in system integration scenarios."

Tatiana Nanni

Service Manager and Support Manager


"Organising and managing the Service for Polaris, with a focus on customer satisfaction, has enabled a deep dive into the needs of stakeholders in finance."


Francesco Berrettoni

Corporate Communications - TXT Group


"Polaris made me discover an alternative and innovative way of managing the SCF: through environmental sustainability and financial stability of the whole supply chain."

Alice Lacey Freeman

Social Media Specialist


"Thanks to our team Polaris, I have realised the extraordinary value of working in a dynamic, stimulating environment which is always ready to adapt to the new challenges posed by the market. Innovation and continuous research are the keywords of our community."

Monica Piazzalunga

Corporate Communications - TXT Group


"My experience with Polaris has allowed me to discover the Supply Chain Finance sector and to work within a team of professionals, passionate and deeply committed"