Polaris: In addition to the platform, a team of professionals to support the Supply Chain Finance of the future

Business Management

Francesco Sacchi 

Founder & CEO


"Making things simple means solving complex problems. This is the challenge of Polaris."

David Abreu

Operations Manager


"With Polaris I have seen the 'old' world of working capital finance in the version of the future; to be able to participate in this revolution by trying to find innovative solutions is exciting."

Operational Management

Anton Vorozhbit

Responsible for Front-End development, code quality control, design and implementation of the User Experience


"Within Polaris, I had the opportunity to work on a true multi-role financial system and combine numerous micro flows into one integrated platform."

Tatiana Nanni

Service Manager and Support Manager


"Organising and managing the Service for Polaris, with a focus on customer satisfaction, has enabled a deep dive into the needs of stakeholders in finance."

Paolo Di Pietro

Developer Back-End


"Working with Polaris has given me the opportunity to significantly increase my expertise in innovative technologies."

Alessandro Terracciano

Software Analytics


"My experience with Polaris has given me a high level of expertise in system integration scenarios."

Nicola Sessa

Business Developer


"Polaris is a free and flexible marketplace, where the company that is networking receives solutions and not constraints."


Francesco Berrettoni

Corporate Communications - TXT Group


"Polaris made me discover an alternative and innovative way of managing the SCF, namely through environmental sustainability and financial stability of the whole supply chain."

Monica Piazzalunga

Corporate Communications - TXT Group


"My experience with Polaris has allowed me to discover the Supply Chain Finance sector and to work within a team of professionals, passionate and deeply committed"