Financial Partners 


Polaris: a secure ecosystem 

The objective of Polaris is to make it possible to negotiate suppliers' trade receivables within an ecosystem that minimises risks for participating financial partners. This is made possible by the active role that the Buyer assumes, feeding the platform with payable debts and accepting in advance the negotiations made within the platform. All this limits the risks assumed by the financial partners to the sole eventuality of Buyer default. 


Thanks to agreements with insurance partners 

Polaris can also facilitate an increase of credit lines granted to Buyers by financial partners. 

Polaris also manages a secondary market for the assets traded on the platform, with the aim of developing a sufficiently liquid market. 

With Polaris the financial partner can:

  • Invest in short-term commercial assets, free of risks other than Buyer insolvency. 
  • Activate relationships with TOP clients, while not being able, on its own, to offer support on a scale suited to the client's needs. 
  • Benefit from advanced processes and technologies, without having to incur any investment. 
  • Operate in the trade finance market despite not having the specific skills and products. 


Centralised Management 

Polaris enables its participating financial partners to invest in good quality, low-risk, short-term commercial assets within a predefined and stable contractual architecture and taking advantage of natively digital onboarding and contractual formalisation processes.