Digital solution for Supply Chain Finance 

Polaris is a digital platform designed to dynamically and centrally manage Supply Chain Finance’s programs.

Polaris changes the paradigm of the relationship between Buyer, suppliers and financial partners to give rise to a community that interacts in a collaborative manner.


We work to ensure

  • Long-term relationships with our customers
    By sharing goals and risks, focusing on your challenges and actively participating in your value chain
  • Continuous innovation and improvement
    Investing in R&D to provide our customers with excellent ideas and services to improve the business
  • Consistently high quality
    Respecting high standards of excellence and adopting industry best practices
  • Full transparency and accountability
    By transmitting truthful and complete information to all our stakeholders and the public

6 reasons to choose Polaris


Because it is an innovative and flexible solution, focused on Buyer’s objectives and strengthens supplier’s financial stability


Because it is a solution which expands the size and effectiveness of SCF programs, involving new suppliers and financial partners.


Because it is a solution based on a digital collaboration and integration paradigm that creates sustainability for the entire supply chain.


Because it is a made in Italy solution, in a world of solutions made in USA


Because the creation of the platform, management, maintenance and implementation over time are handled entirely by us


Because it is a product of TXT Group, since 1989 in the ICT world, a listed company and financially solid.